New Article about Pathbreaking Trans Video Artists

I’ve found there’s no better cure for the quarantine blues than to immerse in the work of queer and trans artists. I have a new piece of writing up at the Los Angeles Review of Books: “Art Matters Now—12 Writers on 20 Years of Art: Greg Youmans on the Pathbreaking Trans Media Art of 2008.” It’s part of a series for which various arts writers have been invited to reflect on important works supported by Creative Capital grants during the first twenty years of the organization’s existence.

My piece explores the brilliant videos and performances of Kalup Linzy and Tara Mateik, two artists whom I have long admired. It was a pleasure to interview them and to explore their work in greater depth for the piece. Thank you to Creative Capital for the invitation!

Linzy_Romantic_loner 2

Still from Kalup Linzy’s feature film Romantic Loner, 2013.

Mateik 2_Mateik as Sidney Lumet directing

Production still from Tara Mateik’s “Friends of Dorothy Screen Test #2,” Shoot the Lobster, New York, 2012. From left to right: Lupe Rosales, Lumet’s hair and makeup; Emma Hedditch, wardrobe; MPA, second camera assistant, Tara Mateik as Sidney Lumet; and O’Neill Hayes as Sapphira Cristàl as Diana Ross as Dorothy Gale.


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